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Palaces and pilgrim hostels.
Accommodation facilities in Extremadura.
It is common knowledge that it is hard to find appropriate accommodation for the holidays, and unfortunately in this regard Extremadura is not an exception. This is no different in finding the best apartments Barcelona has to offer. The process of selection can sometimes be hard most especially if you are comparing two equally beautiful and amazing holiday rentals. Isn't it a torture to have to decide between Guadalupe, a small mountain village located near a World Heritage Site, the valley of cherries or a hotel in the immediate vicinity of a dreamy lake'
The story of the Paradores began in the 1920s. It was the commissioner for tourism of the former Spanish king Alfonso the 8th who proposed setting up hotels in countrified regions of Spain. The project aimed to attract tourists to less visited regions. The first Parador´s opening in 1928 was a success that has never ended.

The reason for this success resides in the nature of the buildings in which the Paradores are established. The Parador de Zafra in the south of Extremadura is based within the majestic walls of a fortress dating from the 15th century. The castle that shelters the Parador of Plasencia in the north of Extremadura was also built in the same century. The Parador de Guadalupe stands directly in front of the distinguished Monastery, a World Heritage Site. This manorial and spacious edifice used to be a hospital in the 15th century and was converted later into a Latin school. Some of the seven Paradores de Extremadura are located in ancient convents from the late Middle Ages. The most recent building is the Parador of Merida, which was built in the 18th century and is strategically situated in the inner city.

The Paradores, which simply means “accommodation”, are luxurious and exceptionally roomy. That is an essential aspect of three or four star hotels, because they are particularly proud to count among their guests not only millionaires but also regular tourists thanks to their very reasonable prices.
Anyone who wants to avoid being spoilt for choice can opt to stay in one of the several beautiful holiday accommodations that are available everywhere in the villages and small cities. During the Holy Week we recommend renting a Casa Rural in any village, from which you can follow at close range the festivities taking place everywhere. It is also worth it to observe the cherry blossom in Valle del Jerte from the guest house and to attend the thanksgiving ceremony in the villages of the valley. Water sport enthusiasts can book a holiday home near the Alange or Alcantara Lake and indulge in their passion all day. They can go sailing, surfing, fishing, swimming or simply lie in the sun.

For Pilgrims of the St. James’ Way there are pilgrim hostels across the whole country to welcome them. The atmosphere in these hostels is so wonderful that it makes them forget their exacting march. Guests of the Molino de Pancaliente in Melida just need to walk behind the house to reach the large and shady sunbathing area at the Guadiana’s riverside where they can relax. To reach Hervas in the north you have to walk along the rail track because the cosy and stylishly furnished hostel used to be a train station.

For camping lovers there are many easy to reach, clean and well-maintained places throughout the region. In Merida and Caceres the motor camps are situated near the inner city. The camp at Malpartida de Plasencia is a real jewel. It is located within a magnificently old and undulating holm oak grove. This is Extremadura in all its splendour.
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